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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Patrick Wolf at Work on DVD, New Album

Patrick Wolf is having a busy retirement. His most recent spurt of activity will almost certainly thrust him into the public eye once again sometime soon. The glammy Brit songwriter is working on two releases: a DVD and a new album, according to a MySpace blog post today.

The DVD seems likely to see the light of day first. It's a live document of Wolf's recent finale show at London's Shepherds Bush Empire, directed and shot by photographer Brantley Gutierrez. According to his MySpace blog, Wolf just finished mixing and producing the show's audio for a Virgin television special, which will air an abbreviated version of the concert.

Then there's the matter of Wolf's follow-up to last year's excellent The Magic Position. In his own words, Wolf is "loading up my old laptops, generating beats and writing, typing nonstop at the piano keys and computer keys, trying to communicate some of the journeys, misadventures, and experiences from the last couple of years since The Magic Position was completed. Slowly recovering and returning to a more regular private rhythm of life. Trying to remember how to live outside of hotels and six different airports each week is a lot more confusing and tricky than I expected, but life is showing me marvels and slowly vitality, inspiration, and productivity are returning to my days and nights."

Cheers to that.


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